About this project

Compost Toilets

General information

Its the better way to shit. ITs the BEST way to shit! keep it clean, local, and produce Compost.

Its a toilet, used without water. Urin and dung will be collected seperatly to avoid smell and make propper compost. its easy built and very clean, good for the invoroment and produces compost!

we build it with the people who will use it to spred the knowladge about how to build it. its usable everywhere where to people also need compost.

Main features and goals of this specific EcoDesign

The toilet has two chamber and two possible entrys for each. in the toilett you have one chamber closend and one get filled up with dung. until the first chanber is full cou close the hole to it and open the next chamber to fill this up. during the time it needed to fill up the second chamber the dung in the first will turn to compost. its the second chamber full, you take out the compost of the first chamber and fill it again.

Why this is important

no water needed. no smell. clean enviroment. and in the end- compost.

Team and project history/references

no team yet, but sould be a collective action of the inhabitants.

Sustainable Development Goals