About this project

DIY-solutions to run a beach resort sustainably

General information

In this video, Amar Bedi shows his Bamboo House Goa, an offgrid eco-resort in South Goa.
He is very interested in a sustainable lifestyle, personally as well as a concept for his Tourist resort. The visitors love it and it reduces the ecological footprint of his resort and spreads a sensible mindset at the same time. All showed installations can be replicated DIY or assembled by locally available components.
We makers4humanity shooted the video, while preparing our first floating island in Goa, back in 2012. This is our most popular video with more than 8000 views and we´re happy to spread this further. Thanks for watching & sharing!

Main features and goals of this specific EcoDesign

In that video you´ll see Amar, presenting:

  • a parabol solar cooker (min. 0:51)
  • a solar cooking box (min. 1:31)
  • a tube solar water heating installation (min. 3:35)
  • domestic biogas production from organic waste (min. 5:05)
  • leading to fertalizer production (min. 7:05)
  • sewage treatment through EM, effective microbioorganisms (min. 9:58)
  • organic food production on terrace fields (min. 11:32)
  • welcome to the bamboo house Goa (min. 13:51)

One last question, Amar: "Do you consider yourself a pioneer?" (min. 13:06)

Why this is important

What I like most on the bamboo House is that Amar Bedi has a great attitude towards sustainability at his resort. He believes in trial and error and is reducing the ecological footprint step by step, one installation after the other. With his curiosity and practical skills he already has implement a full range of easiest principles and EcoDesigns in his business. And the tourists love it and reward him with recommendations and extra-donations that come additionally to the savings he realizes with the low-tech installations.

Team and project history/references

The bamboo-hous Goa (India) is run by Amar Bedi and his nephew. For all bamboo constructions, the huts, furniture, lamps, bathroom fittings and decorations, Nirmal from Assam is the master in charge. Just beautiful to see and experience this beach resort!

Sustainable Development Goals