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„Open-Island“ is a proven modular system for floating islands, made of upcycled and renewable materials. It was developed in Germany and India and released Open-Source in 2015. After several thematic variations in Goa, Ahmedabad, Varanasi and floats in Thailand and Germany, the Open-Island Bangalore will be built in the new hexagonal shape in stainless steel, bamboo and upcycled waste materials. It serves as a representative symbol for a collaborative transformation, functioning as a multifunctional floating platform for a variety of appropriate solutions and interdisciplinary innovations. With Open Island we´ll be raising awareness on the problem of waste in the city as for the value and potentials of healthy water-bodies.

Main features and goals of this specific EcoDesign

Main features of the Open-Islands are in the fields

Why this is important

We are working since 1997 on the subject of floating islands and see a great potential in many aspects. From humanitarian purposes to ecological, technical, social and cultural purposes, the Open-Islands can be used globally and almost free of costs.

Team and project history/references

Team and project history/references

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