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About this project

The idea looks at replacing the use and throw bottles with modular and more durable ones to be used in relief camps.

General information

Design Brief:
To design a modular product that allows for creation of personal spaces in the relief camps. The product should
be flexible and change to fit the differeing number of victims in the relief camps. It could be made from the
by-products of the materials of primary needs such as food and water. It should be able to be flat-packed, easy
to assemble and lightweight so that transporting it is easy. Since the weather conditions can be extreme, the
components should be waterproof and durable.
The product can be also made to be taken away by the victims to help them during renovation/reconstruction of
their homes.

Main features and goals of this specific EcoDesign

A modular bottle that uses a lego structure so that they are stackable
Greater wall thickness making it more durable
Can be easily mass manufactured
Brighter colour for a positive mood

Why this is important

A typical relief camps is crowded. chaotic with no availability of personal space. This is especially a stressful condition for people who have potentially just lost their homes, family and friends. But at the same time isolating them right after a traumatic event also isn't advisable. Therefore these waterbottle, as they accumlate, can be used by the victims rebuild their own space.

Team and project history/references

The individually done project was part of a semester end charrette conducted in 2018.

Sustainable Development Goals