About this project

Not very useful as flip-flops, but easy fun at the beach.

General information

Simple but genius: the Bisleri-Boots!

This EcoDesign is not very helpful, because these upcycled flipflops are really uncomfortable and don´t last long. But at least, you have removed two plastic bottles from the beach...

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Main features and goals of this specific EcoDesign

Transform 2 plastic bottles into flip-flops, the Bisleri-Boots.
Just squeeze them to the size and shape of your feet and slip under the labels - ready.

This little upcycling intervention is a funny way to present the topic of ocean pollution to your friends on the beach.
Not more and not less.

Why this is important

We need to change our consumer habits.
Instead of one-way plastic, we could use metal crockery and cutlery for example.
Or at least don´t leave any trash on the beaches where they´ll gonna be washed into the ocean.

Team and project history/references

The Bisleri-Boot was invented spontaneously at a party in South-Goa/India.
Maybe others had previously transformed plastic bottles into flip-flops, but we consider this idea open-source and happily share this idea with the world.

Sustainable Development Goals